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We turn data into a resource

Deep learning systems and artificial intelligence fuel the opportunity to quickly evolve existing business models and generate disruptive new businesses.

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Our skills cover a variety of contexts

We are a specialized and multiskilled team with expertise in interpretation, analysis, processing, visualization and data interaction. Helping clients make informed choices is our top priority. We achieve this by embracing the complexity of every situation, from data and technology constraints to the rules governing each specific business domain.

Payment fraud prevention

Payment fraud prevention

Innovative deep Learning model detect new fraud patterns on digital payments, not seen by more traditional fraud detection methodologies.

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Pseudo hierarchical data representation

Distressed assets

Facilitate complex decisions on non-performing-loans (NPL) evaluation by means of an accurate pricing procedure.

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Subsurface geology

Artificial intelligence algorithms trained over massive amounts of geological images open a new set of possibilities in the oil&gas energy industry.

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Open Source

Open source allows us to focus on the details

At Nextbit, we believe deeply in the strength of open-source software. Employing an open-source approach allows for optimal flexibility and control over the solutions we develop.

We use open-source software every day. All of our projects are based on open-source languages, software and tools. We also value giving back. That’s why we work to fix upstream bugs when we find them.

We also think our work can benefit others. Information wants to be free, and ideas evolve more quickly when they are free to travel. When possible, we publish our software under open-source licenses via our Github profile.

We also strive to learn from others. Open-source code allows other developers to introduce patches and report bugs. We are eager to learn from others, and we like to receive feedback on our code.

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