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Our mission

Nextbit is a consulting agency specializing in data science and artificial intelligence. Our mission is to spur innovation through battle-tested artificial intelligence algorithms.


Linking academic research to industry

Deep learning systems and artificial intelligence outperform both classical methods and human benchmarks at various tasks. This has opened up the opportunity to quickly evolve existing models and generate new and disruptive solutions.

We envision a future where strategic decisions are informed by objective evaluations based on well-defined and continuously evolving data sources. We see a world where repetitive tasks are performed autonomously by machines, allowing humans to focus on the important duty of innovating business processes and redefining objectives. Our mission is to help realize this future.


Together, we cover a broad set of skills

We are a specialized and multiskilled team with expertise in interpretation, analysis, processing, visualization and data interaction. We excel at applying methods, finding solutions, and identifying similarities and patterns in a variety of contexts.

Our team includes university graduates with academic honours in highly quantitative disciplines, such as mathematics, statistics, physics and computer science. For over 10 years, the culture at Nextbit has revolved around the values of determination, passion, intellectual curiosity, teamwork and self-discipline.

Nextbit’s values, company culture and commitment to a fair work–life balance are central to our identity. Indeed, all three of these elements are crucial to the professional development of every team member and the team as a whole. These values are also key to the constant and sustainable growth of our business and our network of clients and partners.

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We embrace decision complexity

Business decisions are never easy. Helping clients make informed choices is our top priority. We achieve this by embracing the complexity of every situation, from data and technology constraints to the rules governing each specific business domain.

We guide decisions by clarifying key parameters, evaluating what-if scenarios, leveraging interactive data visualization and clearly defining achievable and measurable goals.


We promote Open Source

We aim to utilize and develop open source solutions whenever possible. Employing an open source approach allows for optimal flexibility and control over the solutions we develop. Open source allows us to focus on the level of detail that differentiates great solutions from average solutions. Whenever possible, we share our software with the open source community. Here you can view a list of selected open source projects.

  • pytorch-template

    Template for a deep learning project based on PyTorch.

  • ebs-cargo

    A small utility to simplify loading GBs of data in an EBS volume on AWS.

  • onepunch

    Command-line interface to create presentations using web technology.

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We are always looking for talents

We are hiring talented people with an evident interest in the fields of data science, data architecture and visualization. Are you looking for a job at the edge with academic research? Apply to join our team.

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