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Nextbit is a consulting agency specializing in data science and artificial intelligence.

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We are here to innovate

Nextbit increases business productivity and efficiency in the digital age by enabling the adoption of the latest innovation on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Our team bridges the latest academic research in the analytics field by applying a variety of skills including: data engineering, data science, user experience, creative design to solve business problems. We use a well-planned and rigorous implementation approach to achieve results. Quality is at the heart of any project we undertake.

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Case Studies

We turn data into a resource

Deep learning systems and artificial intelligence now outperform not only classical methods, but also human benchmarks in various tasks like: prediction, decision making, automation, image recognition, speech analysis. This has fuelled the opportunity to quickly evolve existing business models and generate disruptive new businesses.

Payment fraud prevention

Payment fraud prevention

Innovative deep Learning model detect new fraud patterns on digital payments, not seen by more traditional fraud detection methodologies.

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Pseudo hierarchical data representation

Distressed assets

Facilitate complex decisions on non-performing-loans (NPL) evaluation by means of an accurate pricing procedure.

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Subsurface geology

Artificial intelligence algorithms trained over massive amounts of geological images open a new set of possibilities in the oil&gas energy industry.

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We listen, propose, and enable.

The task of defining objectives, assumptions, limitations and requirements is a crucial phase of every project, as it is vital for achieving sound algorithmic modelling, clarifying the significance of data and estimating output.

The generation of new features, which derives from the transformation of input data, is key to implementing effective algorithms and machine learning models.

1.We listen to clients’ needs in order to identify problems and solve them.

  • Regain essential domain knowledge

  • Define measurable objectives

  • Establish a working team

  • Plan activities

  • Schedule weekly updates

2.We propose effective solutions that conform to users’ requirements.

  • Identify coherent input data sets

  • Extract noise from raw data

  • Define predictive variables

  • Elaborate proofs of concept

  • Measure solution effectiveness

3.We enable you to gain new insights and perform business-relevant actions.

  • Implement enterprise-grade software

  • Leverage user experience

  • Adopt best practices in software development

  • Continuously deliver updates

  • Provide clear documentation


We are trusted by leading companies

We have over ten years of experience in applying algorithms and providing data intelligence solutions in a number of industries which include: manufacturing, distribution, finance, telco, insurance, biotech, publishing, fashion.

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