Fast forward to the information Age

DAM Neat


Within specific domains, Nextbit provides industry-specific, end-to-end Solutions. These can be deployed on a proprietary infrastructure, externally distributed clusters or cloud environments.

Users access the solution via web browsers, thus the deployment selection can be hybrid or may vary overt time, it is transparent to the end user.

These solutions have several important aspects:

  • The user interface is designed with the user in mind and is implemented to the very quick in response times and very intuitive.
  • The algorithms in the solutions try to automate as much as possible, empowering users in focusing on the evaluation and decision-making while removing the mundane, repetitive and time-consuming manual tasks.
  • Simulation and “state-tracking” are important aspects of the solutions. Users can simulate and explore various scenarios before reaching final conclusions, all steps which are part of a particular scenario are “saved states”. Users can navigate back and forward between states and save various scenarios for later work or for collaboration with other users.
  • The solutions come in client version (for less data intensive analysis) and in a server version (for more data intensive analysis and richer collaboration features).

By utilizing a Nextbit solution clients can immediately analyse information and make decision. The DAM-Neat solution is an example of this, created for Distressed Asset Management and managing Non Performing Loans. The user experience is intuitive, responsive and provides a richness and depth of information which enhances productivity and decision making process of analysts.