Fast forward to the information Age


SpeaRec is a Speaker Verification System.

It’s based on a Deep Learning algorithm that by processing audio tracks is able to extract voice biometrics and recognize the identity of a speaker. It takes thespeech of unknown speakers with their claimed identity, and it returns a score indicating whether the claimed identity matches the speech as well as a transcription of the speech.



Qbert provides a versatile user interface with a focus on visualization of business processes that rely on data. The highly interactive dashboard facilitates the visual exploration of process information and the discovery of process anomalies.


With Qbert the use can explore the all the routes followed by process entities, filter them by multiple states selection and visualize time durations of the single process steps. Moreover, the user can define anomalous and valid routes, save process rules for successive analysis or to obtain further information.


DAMneat is a solution created for Distressed Asset Management. The user experience is intuitive, responsive and provides a richness and depth of information which enhances productivity and decision making process of analysts.


DAMneat​ ​introduces a simpler and more accurate Non Performing Loans (NPL) sales process using dynamic selection criterias and comprehensive portfolio metrics based on information completeness of atomic level data.

The pricing evaluation is determined by the information given to investors, thus data quality is a fundamental aspect correlated to the value of NPL portfolios.


Ridlock is a solution centered around business users and business processes, bringing the power of data-rich and complex information directly to decision makers and leveraging strategies aimed at solving the business decision gridlock.


Ridlock simplifies reasoning through the composition of selective filters on business properties, reactively updating performance indicators according to different types of metrics.

By quickly evaluating the impact of each scenario it is easier to formulate a sound business strategy, naturally comparing and prioritizing the various strategies and the most effective next steps.