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Social CRM

Social CRM, unlike traditional CRM, is focused on customer engagement, and the acknowledgement that the customer controls the conversation. Social Media is a new mean of communication; within this new realm, expectations on speed and transparency of interaction are different with respect to traditional marketing.

Social media allows organizations to engage customers within a Social Community. If properly managed, this allows for: more insight on the clients' attitudes towards the brand, products and services offered; ability to infer influencers not just on social media platforms but within the current client population; capture information on prospect customers; better understand client needs; increase the speed of communication; improve the level of trust.

Unlike traditional CRM, companies implementing Social CRM are first generation implementers. It's essential to have the right vision and evaluate the correct implementation strategy that fits the organization. A well thought roadmap is necessary to set objectives, milestones and expectations.

Nextbit is collaborating with the leading Social CRM vendors to implement Social Media solutions at client sites.

If you are interested in learning more about use case studies of Social Media in Marketing, Sales or Customer Service, contact us.

Social CRM