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How can I increase
my profits?

Our marketing team has extensive skills for Customer Insight: lifestage, financial impact and lifetime-value are elements that Nextbit implements to identify profitable customers. By exploring other aspects, additional insightful measures can be introduced such as: behavior, loyalty, share-of-wallet, influence, relationship with other clients.

main question

How can I identify
any risk exposure?

Nextbit has great expertise in the assessment of market risk for companies, in the prevention of credit risk and fighting against fraud. Our system of evaluation of data and statistical modeling experience are valuable allies to all our customers.

secondary question

Who is

Nextbit is a consulting firm specialized in data intelligence. We offer clients the best approach and solution.

secondary question

What makes
the difference?

Accuracy is the most important quality in Nextbit. We know that reliable data and information are essential to gain a competitive advantage.

Classification and predictive modeling

On our most recent modeling projects, the amount of data as well as the complexity of interconnected... read more

The following companies have chosen to work with Nextbit:

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