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Next CM

The enterprise campaign management platform

NextCM is an enterprise campaign management platform developed by Nextbit based on experience gathered from major European financial institutions. The platform is designed to facilitate and manage marketing campaign initiatives and analysis. It is a user-friendly, web solution that allows users to plan, test, and execute marketing campaigns using pre-built statistical analysis and reporting, with flexible deployment options that scale easily across the enterprise.

With NextCM, users can manage and simulate campaigns through an intuitive browser accessible front-end. The statistical engine that is used to analyze that and campaign is based on R, an open source statistical platform used in many universities and enterprises. This solution is targeted towards business units within medium and large enterprises that are not willing to deploy traditional large-scale Campaign Management platforms, that require high up-front budgets and high maintenance costs.


  • Easily create marketing campaigns.
  • Coordinate campaign activities across the enterprise.
  • Improve marketing performance through simulation and testing.
  • Low cost of ownership.


  • Customer segmentation, profiling and testing
  • Campaign planning, execution and management
  • Campaign measurement and analysis
  • Advanced analytics
  • Simple administration and security
  • Full Web Architecture

To request more information on NextCM please contact us.