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Marketing models

Marketing models and expertise

Marketing Models is one of the subject areas where the Nextbit has gathered extensive experience, from Customer Centricity to Campaign Management, to Customer Propensity Models.

Below is a partial list of strategic marketing analysis that we’ve implemented on marketing projects:

Customer Analysis

  • Customer Loyalty
  • Customer churn models
  • Customer propensity models
  • Customer Lifestage
  • Customer Life-time value
  • Household identification

Marketing Campaigns

  • Campaign profitability prediction
  • Response analysis
  • Champion / Challenger strategy implementation
  • Promotion Analysis
  • Channel Mix Optimization
  • Event-Driven Campaigns
  • Communication timing Optimization

Customer Profiling and Segmentation

  • Customer base segmentation on: lifestage, life-time value, behavior, attitudinal information, profitability, share of wallet, loyalty.
  • Strategy definition by customer segment.
Marketing models