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Data Modeling

High quality data analytics and statistical modeling

Nextbit has helped almost all of its clients in data modeling activities. Implementing a sound data model is a fundamental aspect for achieving high quality data analytics and statistical modeling. As part of our data modeling methodology we evaluate each of the following aspects:
  • relevance: the usefulness of the data in the context of analysis and business objectives.
  • clarity: the availability of a clear and shared data/variable definition.
  • consistency: the compatibility of the same type of data from different sources.
  • timeliness: the availability of data at the time required and how up to date that data is.
  • accuracy: how close to the truth the data is.
  • completeness: how much of the required data is available.
  • accessibility and security: where, how, and to whom the data is available or not available.
  • cost: the cost incurred in obtaining the data, and making it available for use.