Nextbit successfully participated in Lake Poli School

Nextbit successfully participated in Lake Poli School (Edition 2011-2012).

Lake Poli School is a project developed by Politecnico di Milano with the aim to provide an additional arena of interaction and confrontation between students, companies, teachers and researchers on issues which have emerged relevant in the last years.


Lake Poli School developed between October 2011 and March 2012. The main activities were:

  • development of a business case in which a selected group of international students worked with six companies, guided by Politecnico’s research fellows;
  • four seminars on ‘hot’ issues: Creativity and Innovation, Networks, Sustainability, Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • a final workshop to award the best business case

Nextbit participated with the CEO Federico Pagani. The group was composed by the Polimi group tutor Carmen Vaca and 6 team members: Alessio Contini (Science computing engineer), Ahmed Hamdi Mansi (Environmental engineer), Barira Hanif (Management engineer), Sonia Belluschi (Management engineer), Thien Kieu Quang (Science computing engineer) and Villum Hansson (Management engineer).

The purpose of the project was to build a model for the analysis of information gathered from popular social networks that enables companies to see the value of their Social Media activities. This project showed in which way it’s possible to extract business value from a Facebook application that can be seen as a sort of pilot to set the general pattern to follow. The focus of the empirical application was on a Facebook application for European students for finding jobs as data analyst in social media.

Nextbit’s CEO Federico Pagani was also asked to deliver  a speech on the topic “Enterpreneurship and data” during the final workshop of the project on the 5th of March 2012.